“Deep down most men feel that there is something wrong with the way they interact with the world. Yet there are very few avenues available to explore that feeling. Andre is one of the most heart centred people I know. He is one of the few men I have met where you can put the macho guns away and start to converse from a place of truth rather than expectations. Those interactions are liberating, life enhancing and extremely necessary for my my growth as a human being.”

Marc Winn: Lover of Changing the World


“You have the best listening skills Andre. I always feel when we speak as if you are really hearing beyond the actual words I am saying. As if somehow you are really listening to the heart of the matter. And in the space you provide, I really get to hear myself think. So much opens up because of this. Thank you so much!”

Kate Gerry: Speaker, Mentor and Business Coach


Being a Certified Coach I had an instant interest in the work of Andre. Andre possesses an incredibly intuitive style when speaking with you and assists in extrapolating information buried in your subconscious. Andre has a knack of knowing when to support and when to challenge. I wholeheartedly recommend Andre and the skills he possesses. ”

Peter Francis: Certified Coach

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