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Most men live their lives on autopilot. Day after day they trudge along the treadmill, chasing that carrot that keeps them constantly in motion. If I can just achieve THAT, they say, THEN I’ll be happy, THEN I’ll have real success. Sadly the carrot never gets any closer. The life they always dreamed of lies forever just out of reach.

“My marriage will be better once we get that next holiday…”

“If I can just put in another year’s hard work, then I can spend more time with the kids”

“Once I’ve finally hit that increase in income, then I can relax.”

And the real secret is that most men push themselves to achieve because they’re not willing to ask themselves a frightening question:

“Right here and now, do I feel successful, satisfied and happy?”

Because most men, if they were really honest, could not answer this question with a yes.

Men feel isolated and lonely, worried that they might lose everything if they don’t keep on pushing themselves onwards and upwards. They feel they have to “keep on keeping on“, and that, if they don’t, the whole pack of cards might come crashing down around them.

And so many of them have the inkling that life could be really amazing – if they could just get that elusive “something” that would make them feel like they‘ve arrived.

I know because that was me.

I spent more than a decade building a business, making a great income, with a loving and caring family – and still I didn‘t feel a “success“, even though most people probably would have assumed that I did.

If you recognise this in yourself, that’s truly great, because it’s not easy to admit this to ourselves. You may be interested to know that you’re not alone. In the past decade, I have met literally hundreds of men who are asking themselves the same questions.

Real “success” in life isn’t something “outside” of you.

It can never be found in the future. It is with you at all times, you just need to learn where to look for it. And that‘s perhaps where I come in.

You see my job is to help “successful” men create the most compelling vision of what their lives COULD look like. And then I help them turn that vision into a reality.

If you want to know more about what success really looks and feels like from a man’s perspective, then you‘re in the right place. Check out my blog where I write regularly about specific and practical issues facing men in the 21st century.

I also invite you to contact me directly, I would really like to hear from you.

Drop me an email and let me know your biggest struggle. Seriously, I really want to know where you’re challenged, and it’s entirely confidential and will come directly to me. Just click on this email link and drop me a line. Be great to hear from you.


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Andre is one of the most heart centred people I know. He is one of the few men I have met where you can start to converse from a place of truth rather than expectations. Those interactions are liberating, life enhancing and extremely necessary for my my growth as a human being.”

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Get My Free Ebook – How To Gain More Time, Energy and Freedom

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